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Healthy Neighborhoods Consulting

Mr. Poland is one of a half dozen national experts on the Healthy Neighborhoods approach to neighborhood reinvestment. He was the executive director of the Neighborhoods of Hartford, Inc. a nonprofit neighborhood organization that implemented a comprehensive and successful Healthy Neighborhoods strategy in Hartford, Connecticut. Mr. Poland has been trained in the Healthy Neighborhoods approach by its founder, David Boehlke. Mr. Poland has written the first comprehensive book on Healthy Neighborhoods that will be published in late 2008.

The Healthy Neighborhoods approach recognizes that neighborhoods are not static. They are living, changing environments that evolve over time. How they evolve is dependent on many factors. These factors include market conditions, relative location within the greater market, consumer preferences, land use regulations, and investment behaviors of residents. Consumer preference and the decisions of homebuyers include the individual’s desire for predictability when investing in his/her home. Homebuyers and homeowners need to feel confident in their purchase and the future of their neighborhood. The Healthy Neighborhoods approach to neighborhood reinvestment recognizes that neighborhoods are complex systems that need to be managed. The approach targets neighborhood image, market, physical conditions, and social connections to best position the neighborhood to compete for investment.

Healthy Neighborhoods Consulting

Mr. Poland provides a variety of consulting services to assist communities reposition neighborhoods to compete in the greater real estate market. These services include education and training for government and non-profit agencies, neighborhood assessments and analysis, investment strategies, innovation and change for existing programs and policies, strategy implementation, and general advisory services.

Mr. Poland is also available as a subcontractor to other consulting firms providing expertise in neighborhoods and neighborhood strategies for comprehensive plans, economic development plans, and reinvestment plans.

Speaking Engagements

Mr. Poland is available to speak at conferences, seminars, training sessions, and community meetings on Healthy Neighborhoods strategies. The fees vary depending on the location, length of programs, and travel expenses. Please contact Mr. Poland for availability and cost.

David Boehlke’s “Great Neighborhoods Great Cities” 2004 (144K PDF)

Neighborhoods of Hartford – Healthy Neighborhoods Presentation (440K PDF)

Neighborhoods of Hartford – Healthy Neighborhoods Program Summary (1MB PDF)

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